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The project provides day-to-day social services for at-risk children, in order to (re) their social and family integration, as well as to prevent the separation of at-risk children from the family environment.

We are grateful that we can work together to bring smile and hope in children’s lives.

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The purpose of the project is to help children in difficulties in terms of social-vulnerable familiarity, so that it can help prevent the separation of children from family, marginalization, social and institutional exclusion of children.

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Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

After school

The children will benefit from our educational programs

Tutoring program

Parents education through awareness-creation of their important role in supporting their children in growth and development.

Happy meal

The children included in our project will receive a free lunch offered by our center 6 days a week..

Foundation Grants Projects


Changing the lives of hundreds of children, we continue to support the childrens from Tirnova and Taul with daily lunch, after-school program and family support.

Our Priorities

Children aged under 18 represent 1/4 of the total population of Moldova. Nearly 2/3 of all children live in rural areas. 53% of the children in Moldova live in poverty – a rate of almost 10 times higher than in other countries in South East Europe, according to a report published by UNICEF.

Assistance center in Taul village, district Donduşeni, Republic of Moldova


Project extension in Tirnova village, district Donduşeni, Republic of Moldova.


Assistance center in Cernoleuca village, district Donduşeni, Republic of Moldova



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“Without the project, 50% of the children would not attend school – since the project started, there has only been one child that quit school”

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